APPS needed: for Smart no promo/Sun Promo/Smart Promo/Globe Switch/Globe no Promo(LUZVISMIN)

1. NEW AIO app for ANDROID(u need to update, click About/online update sa app)  


2. AIO app for PC/laptop (u need to update, click online update sa app)  


3. Solo App for PC/laptop only(Softeher)  http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbhr74frh59gtrl/BlueVPN+SE_v1.3.rar

4. KPN Tunnel for android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kpn.soft.dev.kpnrevolution


a. For Smart no promo(LUZVISMIN)

Sim needed:

*Smartbro/kickstart sim(VISMIN)- NOT WORKING NA PO!!

 Network- SMARTBRO/KICK No Promo(Vismin)NEW for pc / Smartbro No Promo (Vismin) for android

*SmartLTE sim or try na rin bro/kick sim(LUZON)

Network- Smart No Promo(Luzon)NEW for pc / Smart No Promo(Luzon)NEW for android

note: may blocking pa rin po kaya ingat lang din s pag download ng malalaking files.


b.Sun sim with promo(LUZVISMIN)

pm me or your reseller for the promo.

AIO APP(with blocking but before/after 12hrs will auto unblock -->Network- SUN TU Promo New for pc /  Sun TU Promo 1 to 4 New for 


KPN Tunnel/BlueVPN SSL(no blocking) --> Guide http://www.mediafire.com/file/lyn259trdmvt6vr/KPN_Guide.txt/file


c. Smart Promo(LUZVISMIN):

*SmartLTE All Out Promo(Luzon)

pm me or your reseller for the promo.

Network- Smart All Out Promo 1 (Luzon) & 2 for pc / Smart All Out Promo 1 (Luzon) to 4 for android

*Smart All Text Promo(Vismin)

pm me or your reseller for the promo.

Network- SMART AT(Vismin)NEW for pc / Smart AT New(Vismin) for android


d. For Globe Switch -unstable

Network- Globe or TM 1(Promo) to 3 for pc / GlobeTm Switch 1 to 4 for android


e. For Globe/Tm no promo (LUZVISMIN)

-For PC/laptop->Solo App http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbhr74frh59gtrl/BlueVPN+SE_v1.3.rar

-For Android rooted only--> Guide http://www.mediafire.com/file/pkzfylolzzju4j4/Softether_Guide.txt/file


f. For TNT Promo

pm me or your reseller for the promo.

Thanks for always supporting BlueVPN!!